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Voice Changing Software  v.1.0

Free voice changing software toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find free voice changing software and resources. Easily find the voice changing software you need. Includes a search function and a favorites section for downloading voice changing

The Changing Seasons  v.New

Seasons change from summer and flying birds to fall and falling leaves and winter with falling snow. This screensaver will create a calm and relaxing atmosphere to relief your from stress and other worries. Give your desktop a fresh new look when

Increase Windows Performance By Changing Visual Effects  v.1.0

For some, including myself, don't care about how pretty things are in Windows.

Animated Changing Xmas Scene Screensaver  v.1.0

Celebrate this Christmas with Santa. Call Santa to stay with you on your desktop. See Santa smiling at you and secretly keeping those gifts near your Christmas tree. Download now to get into the spirit of Christmas with this animated screensaver.

Changing Thanksgiving Scenes Screensaver  v.2.0

Since Thanksgiving Day, is a day for feasts and celebrations let this screensaver add to the festive spirit. Spend your funfilled Thanksgiving with your favourite scenes playing on your screen.

Changing Guitar Strings  v.1.0

Strings come in variety of gauges. The gauge of the string tells you the thickness of the strings. The lower the gauge the thinner the strings, higher gauges mean thicker strings. Most manufactures display the gauge size by the size (diameter) of the

Changing external style sheets using the DOM

Using the DOM, you can access and manipulate external style sheets on the page, from adding/deleting rules to modifying existing ones. This comprehensive tutorial shows you

Changing Select element content on the fly

This tutorial explains how to change a select elements content using JavaScript, from adding new options to modifying and deleting them. It also shows how to create a 2 level interdependent select

Background Changing Application  v.rc

Windows Program : This program randomly selects an image file from locations given by the user, and sets that image file as the background. This program attempts to figure out the best way to set the image

Changing case of file names --- chcase  v.1.0

A commandline program to change file/dir names from upper case to lower case, or inversely. Several files/dirs can be processed. Files/subdirs in a directory can be processed recursively with the -R option. Matching patterns and conditions supported.

Sci-Fi Voices - MorphVOX Add-on  v.1.1

Greetings Galactic Adventurer! It's time to blast off with the Science Fiction Voice Pack.This free voice add-on gives MorphVOX voice changing software, five new Science Fiction voices. From the makers of MorphVOX voice changer, Sci-Fi Voices is

Male Voices - MorphVOX Add-on  v.1.0

Change your personality.This free voice add-on gives MorphVOX voice changing software, six realistic male voices. Whether you want to sound a like a growling tough guy or a whiney pencil-necked nerd, this voice pack has what you need. From the makers

Fantasy Voices - MorphVOX Add-on  v.1.1

Dwarves, Gnomes and Giants, Oh My! This free voice add-on gives MorphVOX voice changing software, eight new Fantasy voices. From the makers of MorphVOX voice changer, Fantasy Voices is meant to enhance role-play in online games. Now you can play the

Sci-Fi Sounds - MorphVOX Add-on  v.1.2

This free sound effects add-on gives MorphVOX voice changing software, eight new Science Fiction sounds. From the makers of MorphVOX voice changer, Sci-Fi Sounds enhances online fun. Now you can send cool sound effects over voice chat with ease.The

Addons Manager Hilite for Windows  v.0.8.2

Automatically restores the hilite when changing

WallpaperSwitcher  v.

WallpaperSwitcher is an app for changing the wallpaper on your system.

MorphVOX Junior  v.2.4.7

Voice changing made easy - Change the way you play games and chat online.

Chameleon Wallpaper Changer  v.0.9.1

Chameleon Wallpaper Changer is a basic wallpaper changing utility for Windows.

Network Password Changer  v.1.0

Changes password on multiple computers centrally. Ideal for centrally changing the Local Administrator password on a group of computers. This will work with domains and workgroups.

Fun Desktop Wallpaper Changer  v.1.21

Tired of your desktop wallpaper? Change it immediately! You think that it's tiresome to change desktop background constantly? You are wrong! With Fun Desktop Wallpaper Changer changing wallpaper on your desktop becomes easy as pie.

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